Intermittent freezing with NootRX AND Whatevergreen


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Nov 28, 2023
I have an issue where my mouse can move freely but I am unable to click anything/the system is unresponsive. I have created 2 EFI's, one with NootRX and the other with Whatevergreen. This issue occurs with both EFI folders. I have configured my bios according to the dortania guide so I am unsure what I could be missing :rolleyes: I am going on a month trying to resolve this issue now and it's driving me nuts lol. It occurs on both Sonoma AND Monterey. I have added USBMap kext to my EFI too with no luck:mad:. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm close to paying for an EFI on one of those Hackintosh support website lol. I am attaching both EFI's.
Ryzen 5800x
Gigabyte b550m aorus elite ax v2
rx 6650 xt
16gb ram

Video of freezing-


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Dec 7, 2023
I´m experiencing similar issues.
Seems like my system gets progressively slower.
Noticed this while using WebStorm especially.
Also Cubase and Spotify gets occasional clicks. Cubase also freezes when saving.

Im on:
Monterey 12.6.9
Ryzen 3600X
AMD 6700XT
32GB Ram

Using NootRx as my GPU is not officially supported on macOS.
I´m close to buying an M2 Mac Mini, a NAS and sharing VSTis over network.

Did you figure out your problem?
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