Windows Fast Startup Mode issues


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May 3, 2020

I have dual boot installation on same SSD, both Windows and macOS, with OpenCore 0.6.0.

By enabling Windows Fast Startup feature, it gives me various problems on Catalina.
When I restart instead of shutting down from Windows these problems do not appear (because this feature only applies to shutdowns).

So far these two things have happened to me:

- Internet (or RTL8111 kext?) stops working: the indicator lights on the RJ-45 connector on the motherboard turn off as if the cable had been disconnected, and within seconds they turn on again, the same happens in the macOS control panel, it shows as if the cable will connect and disconnect indefinitely

- Hard drives mounts in read-only mode: I use FUSE for macOS to be able to mount my NTFS disks in read / write mode, but having this feature enabled they are mounted only in writing despite having FUSE.

What could be causing these problems? Is there a way to solve them without disabling this feature? Thanks!


AMD OS X Member
May 4, 2020
Every guide states it should be disabled, including authors of OpenCore, so I'd just leave it disabled.
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