Super low gain with Deity V-Mic D4


AMD OS X Member
May 2, 2020
I just bought Deity V-Mic D4 to use with Sony ZV-E10 camera. It has hybrid output USB-C port so you can connect it with Mac/PC as well so I am testing how that works on my Ryzentosh.

It appears as input device but its input volume level is super low. I have to setup +5dB gain on the mic itself and use 3x volume increase in Audio Hijack in order to finally get acceptable speech level at around -12dB. On the Sony camera I also had to setup quite high audio levels so it seems this mic is not super sensitive.
(I tried various USB ports at the back of the Gigabyte B550-I board and also tested on the MacBook Pro. It behaves the same.)

Anyone knows is there a way to increase audio levels in macOS?
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