[SOLVED] - Issues with Wireless Mice and USB Hard Drives & Thumb Drives


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Aug 18, 2020
Hi, I have been under the assumption for the last 4 weeks that my USB mapping was not complete, despite Hackintool saying otherwise. I have a Logitech M585 mouse and a Logitech MX anywhere keyboard. Both are Bluetooth, as well as supporting the Logitech Unifying Receiver. I did have them both setup as Bluetooth, however I found that I was unable to switch between operating systems on bootup. So I set them up to use the Unifying Receiver. I had the Receiver plugged into the back, however when I pugged a USB storage drive in the back. the mouse became erratic, froze etc, and the Keyboard would also act up. I moved the Receiver to the front, and all worked well, except when I put a USB drive in the front as well. So here I am thinking there is a clash of USB drivers using the same port controller?
Anyway, yesterday I experienced the same issue in MS Windows, which tells me my USB port mapping must be okay in Catalina? So I did a search, and sure enough USB 3 drives are known to clash with 2.4Ghz controllers, if they are too close together. I have plugged my receiver, into an extension cable/USB hub, as well as plugged a USB drive into a few different ports, and so far all is well.
Hopefully, the above info is of some use to another user (If something similar hasn't been posted here before.)

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