ShowStopper - I Cannot Commit to Buying Hackintosh Hardware Without Knowing VMs Will Work For My Purposes


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Aug 6, 2023

One of the main things I do with my Mac is run virtual linux machines. No one has network access to the VMs but me. I need to find out of the security threats referenced in the Open Core Installation guide associated with VMWare 10 are threats I can manage, given the limited access and exosure of my VMs.

I have two VMs that I must have:
1. Debian Linux with as the L in a LAMP stack I use for development of all the systems I run on a public web server
2. Debian Linux with the sole purpose of running snapshot software and storing the snapshot data which is one of the three backups for all my digital assets. These are similar to MacOS TimeMachine snapshots, except I programmed it and runs across:
..The VM described in item 1, above,
.. All the files running under OSX
.. The public web server where I run my systems for clients and the public.

OPEN CORE INSTALLATION SAYS, "NO!, ... except under certain conditions

The Open Core Installation guide, under CPU limitations, it says:

AMD CPU Limitations in macOS
Unfortunately many features in macOS are outright unsupported with AMD and many others being partially broken. These include:

  • Virtual Machines relying on AppleHV
    • This includes VMWare, Parallels, Docker, Android Studio, etc
    • VirtualBox is the sole exception as they have their own hypervisor
    • VMware 10 and Parallels 13.1.0 do support their own hypervisor, however using such outdated VM software poses a large security threat

It looks to me like VMWare 10 can run, if the security issues are managed adequately.

PROBLEM: I don't understand the security threat. My VMs run on my Mac, on my LAN at home, no one can access them except me. So, what is the security.

Do you know what the threat is that is being talked about here?

I am asking Google too. Just putting the question here as a way of getting started.

Thank you.
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