Ryzen 5 1600AF/ XFX RX 590/ OC 0.5.8/10.15.4


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May 2, 2020
Hello guys.

After days of testing, searching and patching, I could almost assure I reach the most compatible hackintosh my build allows. The specs are the ones below and the path I followed is going to be developed:

  • Gigabyte B450m Aorus Elite
  • XFX Rx 590 8GB
  • Ryzen 5 1600 AF
  • Samsung SSD EVO 850GB
  • NVME SSD WD Green 240GB
  • Logitech G203
  • Creative Live Cam VF 0260 + mic(semi-working)
  • Corsair RGB 2x8GB 3200mhz
  • HL DVD RAM (didn't try to burn anything, but detected) (works only on MacPro)
  • D link 125DWA (usb wifi card)
  • Realtek RTL8111 lan

After installing Mojave, I've decided to retry in my intentions of building catalina Hackintosh, and after 2 weeks, it seems that, still wondering why, it works.
Bootloading from USB, I put my kexts and modified my config.plist and seems all works and it's detected, even pci devices (I love perfect works).

Atm is working all, benchs are perfect, and it's seems a good deal buying this 1600AF (works as a 2600 and cheaper).
Will try to put the kexts and all the things I've done to ease your job.

For fixing DRM many people are using iMacPro1,1 and the last kext. That didn't work for me and I change for MacPro7,1 SMbios and tried with shikivga=80. Atm it is working fine, Disney Plus on safari so it is kinda satisfactory.

Fix Shutdown USB
PCI Devices SSDT (You can do it this way or config.plist's one).

Lilu + Apple ALC (download the last version to make your build work properly, if not audio won't work) (alcid=1 bootarg)
Whatever Green
Realtek 8111 (choose your ethernet card)
AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement + SMCAMDProcessor (interesting to watch AMD Power app)
AMD USB map (i had to modify it, and 99% sure that you have to modify to adapt it to your build, follow this guide, and take all the time needed, don't try to overread or you will have no results)
AGMP injector (with PCIDevices list will be no loner neccesary because iOS will automatically detect it, as ellesmera RX....)
USB Wireless Utility. My usb card didn't work at all, even fully recognised in my acpi's devices. Until you don't get all your usb well mapped I recommend you to wait to install it. You can use lan with no problem at all until this. It's both one kext and an app.
Other choices working
Edit: I am using the D Link app nowadays and it is working perfect, so another option to it. My wifi usb are old so don't know how it works with modern ones.

Edited: this was the guide I wrote several weeks but in the meanwhile I've been trying in get the perfect performance for my Ryzentosh because I think my graphic card doesn't develop what it is capable of and been trying to fix it.
OpenCL is giving now about 8k less than in Windows, will try over and over.


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