Radeon VII instability in windows


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May 2, 2020
Hi All,

I game quite a bit in windows and recently aquired a Radeon VII (2080 ti died - reddit thread here ).

Anyway the stability if this card is really bad in windows, I tried every driver under the sun and the thing constantly black screens and pc reboots without showing BSOD.

Lots of threads all over different forums on the internet with lots of different solutions (reinstall windows, change the bios, old drivers, new drivers etc etc), but none of them worked for me, it would always crash after about 20 minutes of gaming sometimes even after only 30 seconds of gaming. Other times PC would crash in chrome or firefox if hardware acceleration was enabled (I always had to disabled it).

Today I gave one last troubleshoot session and I seem to have found a fix, I have played all day with not one single crash and I am using latest drivers from AMD.

The fix is that this time I re-installed Windows using version LTSC 1809.

I was always sure the Card was fine because it works perfectly in MacOS.

There must be something in the more recent versions of windows that Radeon VII does not like.

Anyway, just thought I would post this in case anybody else is having issues.

Cheers, FTLN :)
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