Kext for 5Gbit Aquantia AQC111C LAN NIC?


May 3, 2020
Hey everybody, I was wondering if someone was developing a kext for the 5Gbit Aquantia AQC111C LAN chip found on the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula and the (non-AMD) Asus Prime X299-Deluxe II.
I have the former and after some digging I only found one thread on the German Hackintosh forum about the X299 board. I think they were able to post some sort of experimental drivers and not really come to a conclusion. I have the thread linked below and it would be really helpful if someone could find further information about this NIC. It would be a serious deal-breaker for me if there is no macOS solution to getting it to work.
Cheers everybody and thanks in advance!

PS: I am reposting this on the forum after asking this on the Discord because I know that there are people that don’t follow that server closely!
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