How to obtain ACPI tables


May 2, 2020
When asked to provide a copy of the ACPI tables from your system there are two main options depending on which boot loader you are using.

When using Clover:
To obtain copy of the ACPI Tables from your system:
  1. The ACPI Tables can be obtained by pressing the F4 key while on the Clover Boot Screen.
  2. The tables are saved in the background, with no evidence that anything is happening.
  3. So just leave the system for a around 30 seconds before doing anything such as booting from the USB installer or selecting your macOS drive.
  4. The ACPI tables will be written to the /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder on the USB or your macOS drive, whichever you are using to boot the system.
  5. Provide a copy of your /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder.
When using OpenCore:
  1. The ACPI tables can be obtains by using Hackintool App.
  2. Open Hackintool, navigate to the Utilities tab
  3. Select the Dump ACPI icon (4th icon from the right) below the main window
  4. Hackintool will open a Finder window, where you can select an existing Folder or create a new folder for the ACPI tables.
  5. I usually create a new folder on the Desktop, named ‘ACPI Dump’
  6. Then select the Choose a destination folder button.
  7. The Hackintool > Utilities window will show the process used to extract the ACPI tables etc.
  8. Provide a Zipped/Compressed copy of the ACPI Dump folder, or whatever you named the folder.
Obviously the OpenCore option can be used when using Clover too.
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