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May 7, 2022
Hi everyone, I am new to this platform !

I am a young developer and I have reach a point where I would like to develop mobile apps and games. But I have an iPhone, so I need to compile my projects with a Mac (and Sideload them with AltStore for the ones that are interested). It worked at some point on a VM but it's definitly not reliable... and very long (For a very small test app...)! Furtheremore, I'd like to be abel to use iMessages and the comfort of OS X environment.

What's why I would like to install OS X (Mojave, so 12.x) on my Laptop and decided to join this community (I've heard I could find some precious help here)


May 2, 2020
You won't be able to install macOS on your AMD laptop, as the Radeon integrated graphics are not support in any version of macOS.
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