Hello everyone! Im a newbie try to Hackintosh


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Jan 28, 2024
A cold, lazy day bring me to this video on youtube and this forum.

Make a Mac Pro for Under $2,000!

I know about hackintosh a long time ago but never really think about it. Window seem great , but now i want to taste MacOS hackintosh. Pls help :)

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
Mainboard: Asus B450m aII
RAM: 2x8 3200MHz Kingston Hyper X Fury
SSD: 512 GB Samsung 960 EVO (plan to expan with a M2 SSD on the motherboard)
HDD: 1TB Toshiba MQ04ABF100

1. What version of macOS should i install on this computer?
I see Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, BigSur, Catalina, Mojave ... It just too much
2. Can/Should i have a dual boot option (Windows 11 & MacOS) ? What M2 SSD should i use for MacOS?
3. Which Wifi,bluetooth card should i use on this system? Should i swap to a better Mainboard with build in Wifi, bluetooth?
4. Any recommendations?

Thank you!!!


May 2, 2020
1. Install macOS Ventura or Sonoma as these two OS's are still supported by Apple.
2. Yes, you can have a dual boot option with Windows and macOS. Best to use separate drives for each OS.
2.1 Use a Western Digital NVMe drive for macOS.​
3. With Sonoma it is best to use an Intel WiFi/BT card, such as the AX210, as you will see less complications setting this card up.
These Intel WiFi/BT cards can be obtained pre-mounted on a PCIe adapter or bought separately along with the PCIe adapter. Amazon or eBay sell lots of these cards. Something like the card linked below.​
If you want all the Apple WiFi/BT services then you need to use a Broadcom BCM4360xxxx WiFi/BT card, Fenvi T919 or similar. You would be advised to install Ventura with the Broadcom card as support was driopped for the Broadcom cards with the release of Sonoma. You can use the OpenCore Legacy Patcher to fix this but you would need a bit of experience working on a Hack before you try that out.​

4. Yes, read the Dortania OpenCore guide, then read it again before you try anything.

The Gathering Files, ACPI and the specific Ryzen config.plist sections of the guide are essential reading.​
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