Few post installation detail (opencore picker, multimonitor, etc)


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Aug 26, 2020

I was able to install Catalina and everything seems to be okay except by a few details:
  • Opencore menu picker is slow/laggy: when i see the opencore or opencanopy picker and i press any arrow key to change option it takes 5 seconds to move from one option to another. I tried with different drivers and options for UFI > Input, right now I'm using the PS2Keyboard.efi driver (my keyboard is not a ps2 keyboard but other drivers didn't work)
  • I have 3 displays, when i have 2 of them connected everything work smoothly but when i connect the 3rd one i only see a black screen in that display and the systems becomes laggy, the other 2 displays seems to drop frames and some animations are laggy, slow or had strange behaviors
  • Memory is reported as 800mhz (half of real)
  • Hibernate is not working (i can live with this, your solution is welcome if you have one)

My hardware:
  • Asus crosshair v fomula mother board
  • AMD FX-8120 cpu
  • Gigabyte RX 580 gpu
Thanks a lot
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