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    Black screen after IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock... on RX580

    Above 4G enabled = no use of npci=0x2000 boot arg. If you have NVRAM/Boot Arg npci=0x2000 then "disable" Above 4G decoding. Do you have whatevergreen.kext?
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    **SOLVED** Monterey upgrade, odd ProperTree behaviour

    Worked like a charm!
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    Upgrade path to success

    Bios update to support 5XXX series?
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    Hi from New Zealand

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Solved Intel bluetooth not detected

    I think for Boolean you use True(Yes) or False(No). Enable Boolean = True
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    Hello! I have a question about installing macos on a laptop with amd

    I have a Athlon 3000G system that works on the 7mb VESA drivers (default). I can watch YouTube and browse but nothing intense or demanding from the graphics. It is working and usable but not for professional use, no gaming, video editing etc... You can most likely get it working on the...
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    macOS 12

    The old days waitng for the public release version 10.X.3 or X.4 before the 10.X.1 kernel source release.
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    Hello. Im new and in need of alot of help.

    Open Core / misc./ Target =0 Scan policy =0
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    Pls Help

    Try open core misc./target =0.
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    Hi guys I'm Cyberdevs :)

    Nice to see you here. AMD support in MacOS is gaining steam and contributors. All aboard!
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    Tutorial Sucesso MacOS Big Sur Disable SIP changing CPU name

    After many I managed without breaking the big system at 11.12 To make the root file system writable in Big Sur. In my case, the CPU name was listed, Unknown so I need to edit the UnknownCPUKindvalue in AppleSystemInfo.strings so I will post the tutorial opencore 0.6.8 NVRAM -> Delete ->...
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    AMD RX 6000 Series Working (macOS 11.4 beta 1)

    You're right my bad, I was thinking of the Navi31. Navi29 is popping up now, Navii24-25 as well but not as frequent.
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    AMD RX 6000 Series Working (macOS 11.4 beta 1)

    Lets hope so, now only Navi21 shows up in the 6000.kext. Navi22 is still in the 6000Framebuffer.kext. Navi23 is still there as well, that could be a monster card.
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    AMD RX 6000 Series Working (macOS 11.4 beta 1)

    Big Navi finally got support in BS 11.4.1 Beta. Metal scores basically double the Open CL scores. Nice to finally have the beginnings of a new level of OS support. GeekBench 5. 2714845
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    Sanity checker new message

    It is for Big Sur 11.3 beta. If you’re on Catalina it’s ok if you’re on BIG SUR 11.3 then update the patch.
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