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  • Help with AMD OS X after installation.

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Don't install the 10.12.6 update unless you've still got the installer handy.
You'll need to run the Post Install Script again after updating.

Help with AMD OS X after installation.
 #11323  by csakesz55
 Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:32 pm
Hello everyone!

I have successfully installed El Capitan to my second hard drive form Shanee's image for Windows. I've even updated it to 10.11.6. I installed Spakk's USB Fix too. I've got some problems with getting the Audio to work. I have a Realtek HD Audio ALC889 integrated sound card. I've tried specific kexts and VoodooHDA too. With voodoo I could see the available ports and could set the volume, but no sound came out from the speakers.

Apart from that, I have an issue with installing a bootloader properly. I've tried install Clover from Clover Configurator, I can boot it up, but as soon I select the MAC partition, it freezez and gives me a screen full of pink/redish colored text saying something about 64 bit.

Another issue I have is with multibeast. It gives me an "Installation failed" message, and I cannot install anything. In the multibeast log it says: "Failed to bless helper!". There's nothing about multibeast in the install.log.

And my last issue is that I find the GUI perforamance, and the actual system performance a bit slow. I've installed the latest nVidia web drivers, I selected the web driver for the system to use as well, but after the reboot it still slow for me. Chrome browser is basically unusable. I've checked Chess , it works fine, but e.g. in WoW game I only got 30 FPS while on windows I easily get 70-80 on max settings.

My spec:

- Gigabyte A75M-S2V
- AMD A6-3650 2,6 Ghz
- nVidia GTX 660 Ti 2 GB

Could you please help me in my problems?
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