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by: Martin Larravide
Hello. I friend of mine installed mojave on my

AMD threaripper 1950
gigabyte x399 aorus pro
samsung evo pro m2 1tb
xfx radeon VII 16gb
64gb ram gskill aegis ddr4 2400
tp-link n900

everything works just fine, I installed houdini, unity 3d, everything ok

the problem is with nukeX (I tried 11, and 12, i need 11)
the soft start, but when it opens crash

I add my console warnings

the problem is with the file quicktimedialog-32 and quicktimehelper-32 inside contests of nukeX

if I start nukeX whit the handoff! activated, and avoid those files in the beginning, the nukeX works, but, without .mov files, imposible to me in my pipeline.

Someone pleas help me!! Is the only thing that I need right now, if not I will come back to ubuntu and drop all the OS X build in the garbage.

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by: willeyh
Could be that 32 bit applications is not supported on AMD.

@fozteh , included EFI and latest updates

Just checked on other install, not working.

I had already ordered Intel components to build a […]

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