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by: boffster
i have tried several different versions of clover bootloader successfully on Catalina but none of them allow me to use the Clover theme changer to change my boot theme. anybody know if its a 32bit/64bit issue or something else? also i'm unable to change any type of them in Clover configurator. most of everything is greyed out.


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by: Sundhar88
Did you uncheck text only option under GUI?
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by: boffster
yea it is unchecked. when i try to load clover theme changer it just sits there trying to open.
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by: OnSale
try to mount your EFI and use CloverThememanager to change it from there if u can. I only change them under CloverThemMananger app.
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by: Shaneee
CloverThememanager has always been borken for me. Your best shot is downloading a theme from somewhere and adding it manually then setting the theme in the config.

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