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by: Wakna
Hey guys,

I always used to hackintosh intel systems but the recent progress with AMD Vanilla make me hyped !
I'm about to buy a ryzen 3700x but as a Web/Mobile Developer I would really like to know if the virtualization works to use mobile emulators, can't find a clear awnser.
If someone knows about or can test it for me your help is precious.

**off topic**
I'm about to buy a 5700 XT too, do you think the drivers will be available on Mojave or do I have to wait for the release of Catalina and AMD patches for 10.15?

Thanks for your help


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by: Sephira
Is there a reason why it wouldnt? I mean if you have a full working OSX system what would stop this from working? Current AMD chips support all the VM extensions needed for normal VM'ing.
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by: Wakna
Not knowing the AMD ecosystem, I had a doubt because before installing OSX on an Intel PC, it is generally recommended to disable the virtualization to avoid conflicts. I've never had a problem with Intel virtualization (Vt-D) before, but I wanted to make sure it would work perfectly on AMD-based Hackintosh before my purchase.

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