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Bioraft wrote:
Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:51 am
Luoboutou wrote:
Bioraft wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:43 pm
Sadly the High End video Cards works really weird... I am testing my 3900x with a RX 560 / 570 / 590 / Vega 64 / Radeon VII, and yes the lastest ryzen patches works a lot better, but: The RX 560 works like in my Intel hackintosh, my RX 570 have 30% less performance, my rx 590 around 30% too, my Vega 64 even working better has the 40% less performance, and the Radeon VII it works as the half of the performance like in my Intel hackintosh... I am testing with profesional software like Final Cut with brucex 5k export and Premiere, and the more powerful is the VGA the worst performance you get... for me it is just an experiment to test OSX in Ryzen, and I only use it for CPU processing (like audio and render) for video processing is kind of useless and I am using my Intel Hakcintosh (where I have the full power of the VGAs in all video scenarios). If you planning to have a ryzen hackintosh as a production machine is kind of difficult in case as me you will use it for some applications where you can use the full power of the processor, for video not a great plan...
Oh,your result is very useful! I guess this mean videogame's performance just the same situation.
Mac OS is not a place for gaming, that has to be a joke... even in a real mac gaming sucks, you have to install windows to have better performance and because real macs throtlles a lot because of termals, it doesn't performs like the desktop versions. In intel hackintosh the gaming is quite more better in osx, the performance is a lot better, but not the same like windows. I don't know why you want to play games in OSX (I can understand with intel hackintosh but with ryzen hackintosh you have to be kidding me)..., I tested with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fortnite... and well the performance is bad with all videocards, is good in Intel Hackintosh, but in Ryzen Hackintosh my god is horrible, if you want gaming you have to use windows man, sorry if I sound rude but it makes no sense at all to game in osx, and with ryzen osx, my god is a joke to be honest... I hope in future the support will improve but for now there is a lot of problems with performance with AMD processor with OSX, if you want a full performance with Mac OS you have to use Intel. I have a Ryzen for testing and because I have a lot some work that I can use the power of the processor that beats my i9 9900K, but just that in other stuff is not posible at all, and I am not using this machine as my main production machine, that would be a suicide for profesional work.
Oh,I didn't think too much,with the patches updated the opengl performance are getting better and better. I just saw a post then want to reply something. Just a neet's normal behavior.


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