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by: Riskypedia
스크린샷 2019-07-14 오전 12.18.05.png
스크린샷 2019-07-14 오전 12.22.25.png
So I switched from HS to Mojave a couple of times, and what I found is that Mojave is a bit more laggy than HS in certain situation like dragging mouse on the desktop or opening a download folder as fan mode(like images above).

I think it's GPU related problem since when I play video in the background, all the lags are magically gone. Also, when I was on HS, the GPU load gets high to the maximum when the screen gets updated(yeah, it's abnormal too, but at least I don't get a laggy performance though QAQ).

Is there anyone suffering from the same problem as me? Or solved it?

For more detailed specs of my Hackintosh,
CPU : R5 2600 (OC to 3.8GHz)
M/B : AsRock AB350M Pro4
RAM : Samsung DDR4 8GB * 2
GPU : GIGABYTE VEGA 56 (the reference one, but the gaming one(w/ two fans) had the exactly same issue before on Mojave w/ ryzentosh)
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