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by: Ball
I'd like to know if anyone has attempted using KVM on an AMD box? You need to enable AMD-Vi in the BIOS to attempt this, but apparently Intel boxes with Vt-d enabled have been running MacOS for over a year now with PCI passthrough working for GPUs and such.

PCI-passthrough also has been working on Optimus laptops which could be a good method for getting accelerated graphics on those.


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by: Shaneee
Yes it's possible. If you join the Discord server a few members have it running just fine. Even with the Catalina beta.
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by: Sephira
I am interested in VM'ing.

However I am unsure of the benefits - is it purely because it is easier to snapshot and backup? Are there other major things?

Also you still need to use a bootloader correct?

@gbp27 , Try with this.

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