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At least to start I went through and formatted my USB and SSD with 10.4.5 on it. I had a working system, then I got a corrupt kernel and tried to use my USB which was now giving me issues so I remade it, and now here I am. In the next 12-24 hours I'll do a fresh install.

What was the last thing you two did?

I had set my ALC codec and then had moved Kexts from extension to /other which corrupted the kernel I guess. i did get a few boots before I erased everything, but then it would boot, seem to work fine, and after a minute or two it would reboot, seemingly quicker if i used my keyboard
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Same here.
Last Mojave, Vanilla patches installation.
After successful installation on first boot macOS reboots after clicking "Continue" on Data and Privacy screen.
Added user in Single User Mode, created /var/db/.AppleSetupDone,
but OS does not boot after initial booting - cursor switches from mouse pointer to text cursor over and over.
Deleted boot option -v: after "apple" booting part screen becomes black, there is a mouse cursor and waiting mark appears in the center of the screen for some time (3 sec), dissapers for some time and appears again. And so on.
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I have the same CPU (FX 6300) and the same problem. I tried the fix (issueing a banch of commands blindly in single user mode to create a admin user) and ended up with a damaged first phase installation on the hard disk.
I have also posted a comment of my own with more details.
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Same problem while installing Mojave 10.14.6 on FX-4350 / ASUS M5A97 R2.0, using gibMacOS-master method.
I imagine someones found a solution !?
Thanks a lot to share ;)

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