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by: ziomalex
hi i did succesfuly instal mojave on my ryzen build but i have problem with audio, my alc887 is detected as unknown hda device by clover or dpci manager, but i have audio through voodooHDA and here is a problem sound is cracking so bad. I did try to change settings in midi.app, I tried to use different versions of voodoohda but no luck, i would be realy thankfull to someone who can help me to fix my audio.

The specs are:
ryzen 3 2200g apu (vega disabled)
gigabyte ab350- gaming (rev1.1)
gtx760 1.5GB OEM (native with mojave)
24GB ddr4 2666MHz
wireless and bt apple macbook air 2013 airport card
audio alc887


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by: zoomos
It's the CPU itself, I bought a USB sound adapter and it's still choppy and stuttering so it might be a problem with the APU's.

I'm gonna buy a 2600 soon and test it to see if the problem still exists.
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by: BrandonChang89
Did you overclock? If you did then it's possible to fix it using busratio boot arg if you are not using vanilla kernel, but I think overclock is broken with vanilla kernel at least for me

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