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So I had tried installing Mojave and HighSierra on VMWare but turns out it didn't work for me. I couldn't find a reason why. I have heard that Mojave and HighSierra don't support Ryzen processors but recently I came across a video on YouTube and that person was using MacOS X on his Ryzen. The only difference was, he had installed the OS on his PC rather than creating a Virtual Machine. Please let me know if there's any possible method to install OSX as a Virtual Machine on my current PC. Thanks in advance.

Here are my PC Specs -
CPU - Ryzen 7 1700
GPU - GTX 1070 Mini (Zotac; 8GB GDDR5)
SSD - 128GB

Also, by what method can I let High Sierra utilize my 1070 on VirtualBox?


You can create a VM for Mac OS X High Sierra (not sure about Mojave). Next time, please try using Google first for any issues. This guide is the first result from the search "amd-osx vm":
viewtopic.php?t=4029. Be warned that I have tried this and the result is slow and buggy (15 fps animations, mouse takes 2 seconds to respond, etc.) If you can, it's infinitely better to install it in full. Also, your GTX 1070 is a physical graphics card, and a VM, I assume you know, uses virtual components. For example, you dedicate the VM a certain amount of your physical RAM. To the virtualized OS, the amount of RAM you dedicate is all the RAM in your system. Similarly, some chunk of your graphics card's power and some part of the VRAM is taken for the virtualized OS. You can change the amount of VRAM, but cannot change the amount of processing power. Therefore it cannot be used to its full potential. PLEASE install normally!
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