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Check out this post: https://github.com/Haru-tan/Hackintosh- ... cMojave.md

It's an extensive guide I used to edit 'About This Mac'.

For Booting up into macOS without the need to enable RadDeInit from the bootloader,
  • 1. Boot into macOS and run Clover Configurator
    2. Mount your EFI and open your config.plist with Clover Configurator
    3. Go to the Graphics tab and click the box that says RadeonDeInit
    4. Save you config and reboot
If all is well, it should boot straight to the desktop without an issue.

And download the latest version of Clover Configurator before you begin, just to be on the safe side.


can anyone please help me i have acer nitro 5 with ryzen 7 and radeon rx 560x......it keeps on saying kernel panic...... "warning invalid kernel ip won't attempt to handle trap OPEMU: mov rax, [rip+0xc8]" possibly help me with kext or efi or clover please anyone help me
hello Datdude717,
I can't download the config.plist file to solve the shutdown and reboot problem.
I wanted to ask you also, having a 570 rg 4gb I have a continuous flickering of the screen, I can solve it by disconnecting and then connecting the HDMI cable.
Thanks for your help.
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datdude717 wrote:Fixed the shutdown/restart issue.
Download my config.plist file I've attached, replaced your config.plist file with the one you just downloaded.
Only changes you may need to make are to the SMBIOS, Graphics, and/or Devices tabs in Clover Configurator.
Save and reboot.
Is there a working link for this? The file seems to be corrupted. I would like to compare it with mine to try fix the shutdown/sleep issues. Thanks!

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Bah, thank you so much, it is fixed now.