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ok, i dont know if anyone has had it before but i thought i might just share it, just in case someone bump into the same problem bcoz i looked everywhere and couldnt find any solution. im new to hackintosh so i dont know if what im about to say make any sense to you.

a fews days my pc started to show error message "invalid kernel opcode (64-bit): d6 86 41 00 B0 ff ff ff 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00" everytime i shut down. so later this day i checked the console and the error message was there, tens of them every second. bcoz i can still boot up and use my pc normally so i thought maybe there are startup programs causing the problem. so i removed some adobe related programs and microsoft au daemon. restarted pc and the error message was gone. i can normally shut down my pc now. dont know exactly which program in particular that was causing the error. When checking activity monitor i also noticed adoberesourcessync app takes cpu resources constantly at 100%. so i removed that too.

hope this helps.

EDIT : it was adoberesourcessycronizer app that caused the problem. had to uninstall adobe acrobat to get rid off the problem because deleting adobe resources sync app from installation folder didnt help. the app showed up again if i open adobe acrobat.


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