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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
So I set up my Sierra Hackintosh about 10 months ago and after initial problems it ran just fine :thumbup: But a week ago I switched out my AsRock AB350M Pro 4 Mainboard for an Asus ROG Strix X370-I Gaming and since then I’m having a weird boot issue. My Ryzen 3 1200 was usually overclocked to 3,6 GHz but since the swap out I got the boot error related to Powermanagement (like in the picture). So I dialed it back to 3,1 GHz and the first boot was successful. But since then I’am unable to boot to macOS, because of the Powermanagement-problem :lolno: :crazy: On the old Mainboard I was able to run it at 3,6 GHz all the time.

I really would like to get my macOS-installation back to life. So thank you for any helpful suggestions :thumbup:
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looks like you are missing nullpowermanagment kext
Well, when I was able to boot into macOS, I cloned my EFI partition to an USB-Drive. I just checked the Clover folder and NullCPUPowermanagement.kext was installed in the 10.12 as well as the Other folder. It still doesn't work. But I noticed something else: In the EFI folder there is another folder, except Boot and Clover, called Apple that has a subfolder Extensions, where a file Firmware.scap was located. This Apple Folder must have been added to the EFI partition a week ago after the first successful boot, since it was edited a week ago and I've never seen it before. Is it possible that there is a connection to the boot fails? :eh:

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Thank you