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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: Shaneee
Download the following application, https://amd-osx.com/files/IOReg.zip
Save that to file and extract a clean DSDT using Clover. When at Clover boot screen press F4 then boot. Mount EFI and navigate to EFI > EFI > CLOVER > ACPI > origin.

Now upload the saved IOReg file and DSDT.aml from the Clover folder and I'll make a SSDT for you to fix NVME. I had to do the same for mine.


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by: AlGrey
@treysig33, @DerJKM, replace your PCI address (can be found in the bootlog generated by clover configurator)
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by: e97
Thanks for sharing! Side note: my PciAddr does not match up from the bootlog to DiskUtility but the PCIe root address does

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