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by: Egress
I'm sure I've seen this subject posted a few months ago but I can't find it. Running the latest HS build. If e.g. rendering overnight or I decide to leave system on for a while: when I shut off monitor, system hangs and fans run up to almost full speed.

I haven't gone through console logs yet. Just wondering if anyone remembers a quick fix ? Perhaps a kext or setting in Clover if I recall.



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by: Egress
I looked for relevant settings and tweaked a couple of them. No difference, however something interesting came up. If I pull the DP cable out of the card with the system running, it doesn't hang, I can plug the DP cable back in and it's alright. Yet, when I power off the monitor, even for a few seconds, the fans quickly go to full speed and the system hangs i.e. the screen is frozen when the monitor is turned back on.

Strange issue. I checked the monitor for unusual power settings but there was nothing. I wonder if the problem is settings in the video card itself? :thumbup:

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