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by: paulusTotaulus

I wanted to install MacOS X HighSierra on my Pc as second OS. I need it for school. I downloaded the HighSierra.dmg File and TransMac. I made everything like in the Tutorial. I'm able to boot from the USB Stick and get a Menu, I think it's the Clover Boot loader. I pressed on the MacOS X symbol. Then it doesn't go on. I made Photos from the Console with my Phone.
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by: Merijn
I have the same issue.
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Did you use the .dmg of HighSierraAMD V3 Official?
It’s a bug of many computer on this version.
I think you can use the .dmg of HighSierraAMD V2 Official or HighSierraAMD V3 Unofficial.

(My English is bad.)

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