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by: vahed
Hi everyone
I am trying first install hackintosh I downloaded os installer and I follow tutorial of topic viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4619
first boot to usb is ok I can get os installer . I chose language and setup disk and install it everything is normal installer finish in about 17 minutes and wants to restart . But after restart nothing happens just clover boot and when I chose the disk clover start to load Kext files a few second latter system restarted without any text or any messages :oops:
I don't know what should I do ?
sorry for my bad English!
please help me I really need it


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by: Norton287
You need to do postinstall, follow the tutorial and do postinstall
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by: vahed
Norton287 wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:08 pm
You need to do postinstall, follow the tutorial and do postinstall
thank you so much
I successfully installed it by your guide .
I had just one small problem with my mouse.
my usb port are working for example when I connected usb flash disk it's mounted as well but my mouse not working!
I have PS2 keyboard and when I installed El Capitan my keyboard not working either but I fixed it by using voodooPS2controller kext. I tried to use PS2 mouse instead of usb mouse but Ps2 mouse not working too .
by the way during installing mouse and keyboard were working correctly .
I already using this usb fixes

please tell me if you have an idea about fixing this
Thank you again.

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Thank you