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Hello, i have successfully installed the HighSierraAMD V3 UNOFFICIAL and everything seems to be ok.
But when i tried to install Parallels Desktop, the screen turned black and then the computer restarted . Other than this, even i had successfully installed apps like Docker or Cuda, when i opened them, it always comes up many problems and failed finally.
It seems that when the computer are dealing with works related to 'Virtual Environment', problems comes. Can you helper me to fix this? Should I do something to my BIOS?
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Sorry, i forgot to write down the features of my computer:
AMD 2600x 3.6Ghz
msi B450M pro-m2
8G ddr4 3000Mhz (2933Mhz actually)(I turned the XMP on)
Intel 760p 256G.
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