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by: webruci
This is my first time here and I'm new with Hackintosh.
I watched an tutorial "Install High Sierra on AMD using AMDHS_Installer v1 [ MacOS / Windows ]" and I follow all the instruction, but when I start to install, I have this message "This version of Mac OS X is not supported in this platform. Reason - Mac - F221BEC8" and after that the computer shut down.
Can somebody give me a help ?


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by: Shaneee
When you get to Clover. Go to options and add the boot arg -no_compat_check
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by: webruci
Thank you! I will try now and I'll come back to tell you what happens.
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Well, I put the cod in boot arg. the install is starts, but after 3 minutes are tell me " Process [560] crash. Service only run for 0 seconds. Publish respawn out by 10 seconds." after this "unmount initiated mac OS..... To many corps created...." and the computer is shut down. What is your advice?
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by: Shaneee
Not too sure. That's the installer from XLNC. Can you try my one from here, app.php/bbdownloads/highsierraamd-official.html
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by: webruci
Yessss! of course. I will doing now.
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I finish to install today High Sierra, tank's God and Shaneee. I didn't have internet connection but I solved with a driver.
Now the problem is my sound output and input is empty! "No output devices found" I have no sound. Please any advice ?
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Download is down on purpose, distro's are no longer supported. Instead refer to the Knowledge Base for a vanilla install guide.

Also next time I suggest creating a new thread, rather than bumping one that is over a year old.

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