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by: niklas
Hey there!
I'm trying to use an Apple keyboard with my Hackintosh. When booting I get this error message:
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busy timeout[0], (60s), kextd wait(0): ´UHC1´, ´Keyboard Hub´, ´UHC7´, ´USB5´.

The keyboard has two USB ports. So I tried to use my USB splitter hub and it also doesn't work. Did anyone experienced this before?

(I couldn't search for `USB hub` in this forum because they are too common words...)


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by: Norton287
You maybe exceeding the USB port limit with a hub.
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by: niklas
@Norton287, okay thanks. What can I try? Can I try this?
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Also, now when I boot it always waits for 60s. This is the message:
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busy timeout[0], (60s), kextd wait(0): ´UHC1´, ´UHC7´, ´USB5´.
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by: Norton287
it's timing out on USB
You might wanna try to raise the port limit throught KextsToPatch in clover configurator:
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 Kext to patch AppleUSBXHCIPCI
Find: 837D8C10
Repl: 837D8C19   
This is kinda old so might not work I can't find a newer edition.
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Might also try:

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Open config.plist with Clover Configurator
Select Kernel and Kext Patches
Select the “+” at the button and input:
Find* [Hex]: 837d8c10
Replace* [Hex] : 837d8c1b
Comment: change 15 port limit to 24
MatchOS: 10.13.x    
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by: niklas
Since I updated this I have one problem though. I have to reboot multiple times until I can log into the system because sometimes the USB mouse and keyboard don't work. I think this is still related to this kext. Does somebody have an idea? Or maybe there was some progress on the "every-edgecase included USB-fix"?

Have a nice day ;)

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Thank you