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by: kaeshi
Hello guys,

I know that this is AMD Hackintosh forum but I'll try it. ;)
I would like to ask you if there's somebody who could help me to run fully functional Assembler IDE on Mac.

Last semester we were working in school with SASM and Eclipse IDE for Assembly language called "NASM". Everything was fine. It seemed to me easier than High-Level Programming languages but idk why cuz in assembler you need to think about every bit in those registers. Anyway I was trying to install both SASM and Eclipse on my mac so many times. I could run the IDE but couldn't built anything and the compiler was installed so idk where was the problem. I could write program with any IDE and compile it trough terminal but try to do it every 5 minutes and you'll be ***** :lol: I've tried to use this tutorial but it seemed to be too old for security premissions of new macOS
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So if somebody know how to run fully functional IDE for NASM on mac I'll be grateful for help. :thumbup:



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by: Shaneee
If you disable SIP it'll get rid of the security permissions on macOS. If you need to know how to do that just let me know the bootloader you are using.

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