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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
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by: ClashFarmer
Is there a downside to using Hackintool for USB mapping? I just used it instead of manually doing it from the AMD USB mapping guide. Seems to work and much easier. The only thing I noticed is that it did not remove all the ports that is not in use. POT2,6,9,12,13 still shows even though the Kext removed them.
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by: SpringMo
I started with Hacknitool, but it did not show me all my ports on AMD. I instead used I/O Registry Explorer. The author of the how-to for USB-mapping on AMD suggests Hackintool may work better on Intel.

This article and the one that follows it, and the provided sample files saved my behind : https://aplus.rs/2020/usb-mapping-how/ got me through it, after many a wrong rabbit hole
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