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Yes, I'm on the latest Version 2.0: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570%20Ph ... IOS[center]

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Latest EFI with Intel Bluetooth working! See updated first post for details.
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I've just added the Bluetooth kexts, Wifi I did not test since I don't really need it and they don't have any kext to download yet. Also from the issues posted it seems AX200 support is still work in progress. I will write an update once I get something I can test.
I needed to reboot twice until it showed up for some reason
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Re: [SUCCESS] Ryzen 3900X | AsRock X570 ITX/TB3 | Sapphire RX 5500 XT | macOS 10.15.3 | OC 0.5.5
Updated EFI with latest OC and properly mapped out/renamed ports (minus the internal USB 2 header which is not in use). Removed all standard kexts to reduce file size.
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hello !
do you know if the TB3 port is functional ?
because this MB is the only one TB available ! And it would be insane to know if we can use it !
I only have an TB2 disk so I could not test it myself. But accordingly someone else with this board TB3 is basically working (device needs to be plugged in before booting though). As far as I'm aware it's not trivial to get Hot-Plug working. The BIOS has basically only two settings for Thunderbolt: Enable/Disable and Security Level.
@Lflash Not fully, I can get it to sleep (all fans off) but as soon as I try to wake up macOS reboots. See viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10044
I tried a lot but could not yet figure out how to fix that.
It seems that Sleep is a major issue for the AMD hackintosh right now running Catalina.

I had clover with Mojave and literally everything worked on it. It was great. I wanted to stay on Mojave longer but I got a 5600xt for my Windows 10 SSD to game with so I had to update to Catalina to also use that graphics card as well on my Mac.

Catalina has been a nightmare to be honest compared to Mojave lol.

I have everything fixed and working now on Catalina EXCEPT sleep. I still cant find a solution to getting it to work. I have USB map and stuff but still no go with the sleep.

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