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by: Shaneee
cNone wrote:
Shaneee wrote: Tue May 23, 2017 6:55 pmAny update on it?
Off topic: can't find amd-osx.com on tapatalk.
Search for just AMD OS X and we should appear :thumbup:


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by: cNone
Shaneee wrote: Fri May 26, 2017 8:22 pm
cNone wrote:
Shaneee wrote: Tue May 23, 2017 6:55 pmAny update on it?
Off topic: can't find amd-osx.com on tapatalk.
Search for just AMD OS X and we should appear :thumbup:
I have tried every possible combination for our forum but no luck.Try yourself to unsubscribe and search again.You might not be able to find it again (as my great fella greenapplee)
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by: cNone
I have installed one by one and now it's working. I suppose it is the new geforce kext which caused the crashes.On old hwsensors app I can even see the fan speeds. But fan speeds doesn't show up in latest hwmonitor and iStats. I want to try to install newest HWSensors with plugins. Because the newest one has the geforce sensors with pascal support. Is there support for AMD cpus in latest hwsensors? I couldn't seem to find an answer for that. May be one of you has it :)
Any thoughts?
And should I remove FakeSMC from S/L/E before doing this:
Copy the FakeSMC.kext under EFI\Clover\kexts\10.12 and copy all the sensors under EFI\Clover\kexts\other and reboot, then launch HWMonitor and you'll be able to see the sensors.
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PS: I am trying to build a fully working installation with all the things a hackintosh user might need. For example, in my old build I was using the latest hwsensors with all the readings. At the and I will gather all the things I've learned from my experiences into a tutorial with your precious support. And post it under success stories. I think the last steps of my tutorial is getting closer :)

UPDATE 1: I have uninstalled the HWSensors3 FakeSMC.kext and installed the new one which came with the latest HWSensors Binaries dmg. Now I will try to install the other sensors one by one. First trial will be the CPUSensors.kext and others will follow. I will update this post accordingly.

UPDATE 2: CPUSensors.kext FAIL. Don't install it because it will give you a kernel panic. Now the ACPISensors.kext.

UPDATE 3: Installed ACPISensors.kext and checked with
kextstat | grep -v com.apple
command and the kext is not loaded but I left it in it's place since it's not giving me any errors. Now it's time to check LPCSensors.kext.

UPDATE 4: LPCSensors with SUCCESS!!! Even don't need the HWSensors.app. In iStat Menus I can see all the temps and fan speeds adn even voltages. So you won't need to use the CPUSensors.kext. I will upload screenshot of the sensor menu ASAP. But last thing: THE GPUSensors. I hope I will bring you some good news with that too.

UPDATE 5: Installed but it's giving me infinite invalid kernel error. I have to uninstall the GPUSensors.kext. I will wait for an update to full support for Pascal GPUs. But ayways, some monitoring works and these will satisfy me until full pascal support arrive.

You can see my setup in my sig, and here is what I did:
Downloaded latest HWSensorsBinaries.dmg and installed the provided kexts one by one. Working sensor.kext for me:
Unneeded (for my opinion tho):

I have rebuilt cache for every kext and installed all one by one.

I have found a newer HWSensorsBinaries.dmg and now I am running trials with the new kexts.

I have managed to work all te sensors except the CPUSensors.kext which I couldn't find any info about that has AMD support.
I have downloaded:
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and installed these kexts from within my installer usb via terminal:
This time I've installed them all at once while I am in installer.
As you can see my GPU readings somehow not right. For example it shows 54Mhz core clock. But kozlek is working on the new GPUSensors.kext to fix these issues. I hope it will come out soon.
BTW: You don't need that HWMonitor menuapp, if you have iStatMenus, it will display all the sensors. I just can't capture the ss of the iStatMenu.
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by: Shaneee
It'll show the current clock speed. If you started playing a video it would move up from 54MHz.
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by: cNone
Shaneee wrote: Sun May 28, 2017 6:58 pm It'll show the current clock speed. If you started playing a video it would move up from 54MHz.
Then every sensor is working except the CPUSensors.kext which I can live without because LPCSensors is reading CPU temp as well. :thumbup:
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by: HackeyMac
Does this work for Catalina 10.15.2 booting with OpenCore?
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I mistakenly specified OpenCore when I should have asked about working with VirtualSMC.

After doing some more searching, it sounds like it doesn't, but I also noticed that VirtualSMC 1.1.0 seems to have added support for fan monitoring.

Can the fans also be controlled via VirtualSMC?
Is there already a monitoring app/menu/widget the will work with VirtualSMC?
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by: Shaneee
You won't get fan control on a hackintosh. Use your BIOS to modify fan curves.
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by: HackeyMac

I'm running HWMonitor now. All it shows is drive temps. I'm assuming that's because none of my kexts can read the other sensors.

Reading the release notes on github: It looks like VirtualSMC 1.1.0 has added support for reading sensors. It also looks like OpenCore 0.5.4 has integrated VirtualSMC into itself. Does this mean that updating to the latest OpenCore will make more sensors available to HWMonitor? Or do I now need to add FakeSMC and its sensor kexts to my OpenCore EFI setup? Can FakeSMC be used with OpenCore now that it has VirtualSMC built-in?

I'm avoiding Clover and FakeSMC because I intend to use FileVault, and from what I understand, using FileVault requires using OpenCore and VirtualSMC.

On a related note: Is there a guide on updating an existing OpenCore installation to the newer versions?
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