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Help with AMD OS X after installation.

I have this system:

Bootloader: OpenCore 0.5.2
MacOS: Catalina 10.15.1
CPU: Ryzen 6 2600x
Mainboard: Asrock B450M Pro4
RAM: G.Skill DDR4 2166 Mhz Dual Channel 16 GB (2 slots of 8 GB) ( correctly seen in BIOS)

Everything working fine, all the 16GB are shown in correct slots, except ram speed is reported as 1067Mhz in the "About Mac" section.

When I had clover/mojave I had to manually set the ram speed in the smbios/memory section of clover configurator to get a correct reading. I didn't find a way to set this in opencore.

In opencore PlatformInfo/Generic I have iMacPro1,1

Any help appreciated to get the correct ram speed (2166) in MacOs.
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*the correct clock is of course 2133, and not as erroneously written 2166.

by the way: if I overclock the ram in the BIOS to 3000Mhz, "About my mac" shows 1500 Mhz, so it really is a halfing of the actual speed (maybe it has something to do with it being dual channel ram?)


Mine is also showing 2133MHz when i have 2400MHz but i dont think its running at the 2133 but the difference is so minute is more of an aesthetic thing.

Just checked on other install, not working.

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