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I have installed the 10.13.3 V3 AMD OSX
but have three problems,
First is I can't start Matlab 2018a, it just quit when I click on the icon, I even can't install Matlab 2018b, the installer also quit when I click on it.
Second is when I start the virtual machine form parallels desktop the OS X system will suddenly lost response and powered off.
The third problem is after install the RyzenUsbfix(by XLNC) the system will not shutdown(it just reboot again...)
Can any one give me some suggestion~ many thanks~
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By the way my system is ryzen1700 cpu and biostar x370gt7 motherboard


Parallels doesn't work thanks to a lack of AppleHV compatibility with AMD CPUs. Virtualbox and older versions of VMware do work.
gtrfxdso wrote:After installing MATLAB, please replace libiomp5.dylib at sys/os/maci64 with the one at

https://osdn.net/projects/sfnet_badgui2 ... mp5.dylib/

The stock open mp library has some functions running only on intel CPUs.
You're amazing! I was able to install Matlab 2019b but it would immediately crash after launching it. Now it launches and quick testing shows it running normally. So it looks like that fixed it for me, thanks a ton!

Just checked on other install, not working.

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