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Method: AMD OSX Vanilla, starting from Windows: https://vanilla.amd-osx.com/

1) Using gibMacOs I downloaded the 10.14.6 version, then I created a USB bootable drive with the makeInstall script. I used GPT table but shouldn't be important.

WARNING: At writing (17/10/2019) gibMacOs will install a "broken" version of Clover, resulting in not loading the ethernet ketx. If you reach the installer you may get the "Recovery Server Couldn't be contacted" error, meaning you didn't get an IP.
There's a modified script you can use (I'll edit the post with the link), it will install a older version of clover which will inject the eth kext. Alternatively you can create an "offline installer" downloading all the os installer.

2) Apply the clover patch for AMD processors as described in the guide

3) Kext used (I just copied them in the Others folder):
  • VirtualSMC, removing Battery and LightSensor (they're useless in a desktop, besides they cause warnings)
  • Lilu
  • NullCPUPowerManagment
  • Realtek8111
  • AppleALC, codec is ALC1220 so in clover args I inserted
    Code: Select all
    in order to have working audio. Without it, you can only have audio through HDMI. I guess you can use different layout codes, check GitHub repo of the kext for a detailed list. Do it in the clover boatloader on your disk, in the usb drive is useless.
4) Finalize install on a partition/disk and reboot into your new Mojave.

5) Install clover on Mojave disk, copy kexts from your USB to your hard drive and ensure to add the flag "alc=1" in order to have working audio.

What works:
  • Ethernet
  • Audio
  • GPU
  • Messages and FaceTime (I guess, I don't have a camera), should work even the handover on calls from your iPhone.
What doesn't work
Actually, only Sleep/Hibernation. Sometimes it works but it's not deterministic.
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