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Hi 4eyes : for the wifi card, I think you took the wrong card, there a lot of problems with this one.
Maybe you should try the 1560 or the 1830 (this one works OOB from tonymac), they work on the asus rog z390-i

I finally took an asrock x570m pro4, a mATX board with a PCIe 1x for a fenvi card and an other PCIe 16x for thunderbolt 3 port card
I will tell you, I will receive the motherboard and the CPU next week ;)
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Dw1820 was listed as working oob, what really killed it for me was it's instability of drivers on Windows, nevermind. I need to get internet working, either it will be LAN or Wifi, I know that LAN is working fine, so I need to sort out LAN cable to my room. After all 60-70$ is just not worth the hassle in my opinion, I'd rather buy another SSD for that money.

But sure let me know...maybe I'll change my mind later :lol:
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Yep, no luck... :|
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so I've installed the latest patch that's fixing GPU OpenCL performance and run Geekbench both on macOS and Windows
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@manoueltiger, Did you get your ASRock X570 Pro4 working with OSX? Does everything work? iMessage, Facetime, Siri, Audio, Ethernet, USB 2.0 & 3.0 etc? Can you run 32 Bit apps (OPEMU) or did you do the new vanilla install that doesn't support 32bit OPEMU? I have the exact board but the ATX version, not the M (microATX). I was about to return it, already have the RMA # from Newegg. Can you share your EFI & BIOS settings, I'll send you some crypto. You can text me at 514-416-5160 or email me at [email protected]. I obviously won't use same serial #, but you can edit that before sending or trust me. I will change because if I don't apple system will detect 2 using same & shut us both out, so it doesn't make sense. I'll actually do a fresh install anyway & denerate new serial & UUID etc Plz let me know asap, as I said I was literally about to send it back today. Thanks

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