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Success Vanilla install :
Hello this is my first post and amd build:

Ryzen 2600x - SMI B450 gaming plus -xfx radeon rx 580 8 gb - 16g corsair 3000mhz - - ssd 240gb - 2 sata disks 500gb in raid0, blackmagic monitor pci-ex, m-adudio usb card.
Osx version:
Mojave 10.14.5
Kext used:
-Fakesmc, nullcpumanagement, woodoohda, realtek8111, lilu, whatevergreen.
video: Davinci resolve 16, Blackmagic desktop video 11.2, gimp 2.10.2, blender 2.8.
Graphics, net, audio and usb is working, the computer feel stable and fast, the only problem i found is a very poor
opencl perfomance (some games that need opencl plays slow), metal is working fine



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