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Help with AMD OS X after installation.
@Riskypedia, wow, it is really nice to know that these steps helped you!

@Coddyx, yeah, however, developers here did a great job! everything else is running smoothly, I can even watch john wick 2 in 4k :D if there's some way to help devs in testing, I would be glad to participate.


@qtwhl Absolutely!
I find the devs did an amazing job.
Before falling onto this forum, I did not even know it was possible to run Mac OS on Ryzen hardware.
The installation went super smooth thanks to the provided guides.
I just wish we had some kind of feedback from the developers on the GPU performance issues since it's the ONLY thing that doesn't work 100% (on my end).
Kudos to the developers that have worked on the AMD Hack and, yes, it would be nice to hear something about why the GPU performance is very poor. This isn't QFT, so I assume that there's at least some idea about why this is the case (particularly, it seems, when an AMD CPU is running, instead of an Intel CPU.
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