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Hi Guys, whenever I try to install clover to use it to boot a computer with MacOS, clover just crashes. What I do is I install clover to the USB driver with the proper options, replace config.plist with one with Ryzen, put virtualsmc.kext, nullcpupower.kext, lilu.kext and whatevergreen.kext but when I choose to boot from the USB clover freezes


Hi, did you put your new config.plist and kexts into the mounted EFI volume?

Are you sure with proper installation settings? If your motherboard supports UEFI you should check the UEFI settings when installing clover, if BIOS - then BIOS settings. Check if UEFI booting is enabled for your USB in BIOS settings.

How does the clover freeze? What do you see?
Hi, I created clover using another hackintosh with MacOS Mojave, then using Clover configurator, mounted the EFI for the USB drive, replaced config.plist with the one recommended in the latest guide for AMD 17th gen/Ryzen the repository is called Vanilla something..... then went to kexts and deleted all folders except Other, placed the nullCPUpower and other kexts in there including virtualSMC/fakeSMC (tried both at separate times)
When clover freezes I see light red characters on the upper part of the screen, they look simlar to what you used to see if you moved a NES cartridge while the console was On

The main reason I want to create a separate USB bootloader is to see if clover recognizes my MacOS install on a SSD drive,which I don't see listed in clover, even though for the number of entries, all my HDs are listed, they all sat boot Windows. Not sure if it's APFS related as the required efis are already in the Drivers64UEFI folder

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