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Help with AMD OS X after installation.

I followed the AMD OSX Vanilla Guide and managed to successfully build my first hackingtosh.
Everything works great EXCEPT for my MSI - Radeon RX 580 8 GB GAMING X.
I ran some benchmarks (and tried World of Warcraft) and I am getting ~50% of the performance I am usually getting in Windows 10.
Unigine Heaven reports ~950 vs 1750 in Windows and World of Warcraft runs @ 30 fps lowest settings vs 60 fps ultra settings in Windows.

Here are the kexts I am using:


My processor is Ryzen 5 1600 3.2 GHz 6-Core and I am using Mac Pro 6.1 SMBIOS.

I read and I completely understand that I should not expect 100% performance.
But I believe a 50% drop is out of the ordinary.

If anyone has ideas on what I could try to up the performance it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


I'm experiencing pretty much the same behavior as you in World of Warcraft on my Vega 64. On WoW's lowest setting "1" I get between 35-45 fps in Boralus. I have the renderer set to "Metal" on the Mac side. Under Linux running WoW with WINE (DXVK) with setting "7" I get a locked 99 fps pretty much all the time. I'm not sure what Windows gets, I don't have it.

As with you I am well aware I'm not going to get 100% speed out of my card. I'm just wondering if there is anything being worked on to try and speed up graphics performance. If not I'm still good as macOS 10.14.5 runs great as an OS and all my non gaming needs are fully met.

I appreciate the work the developers are putting into running macOS on AMD hardware. CPU wise it is top notch.
The same behavior on my Ryzen 5 2600X / Sapphire Nitro+ RX590 PC. Would appreciate any assistance. Geekbench ~ 44k. (

UPDATE: was able to fix it by updating Clover to the latest version via Clover Configurator and adding boot flag npci=0x3000 :? got around 136K in Geekbench
pls see attached. my config is almost default config for Ryzen CPUs (17th) from F.A.Q. section (except for the 'npci=0x3000' boot flag) :\

they way it worked for me:
  • run Clover Configurator
  • mount EFI partition
  • delete everything :D
  • click 'Install Update/Clover'
  • download as package
  • follow instructions from FAQ to install it for UEFI systems.
  • replace original config with AMD-ish one and add "npci=0x3000"
ofc, make sure to add all necessary kexts like WhateverGreen and Lilu for GPU (other kexts I have: VirtualSMC, NullCPUPowerManagementRTL8111, AppleALC)

Hope you will have the same results. However, gaming is pretty lame anyway :D games like Heroes of the Storm are hardly playable, fps in team fights is really low.
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Same, I tried updating clover and switching from npci=0x2000 to npci=0x3000 and no luck either :sad:.

Could it be that whatervergreen and lilu have just been updated?

EDIT I just checked and last update was on may 24. Guess we'll have to wait :)
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@qtwhl, would you mind trying to run unigine heaven and report with the results with "extreme" preset? I don't think I've ever seen good results with AMD CPUs yet.
@Coddyx, that's what I get. i'm afraid this is not enough for comfortable gaming :(

I think what I did mean almost nothing to performance as your results are not much worse. Moreover, I think that there's nothing we can do at the moment to improve it.

The only thing I got is better geekbench and slightly better FPS in games. So, if your goal is to play games on amd osx, I'm afraid but I must disappoint you (

Hope things will be better with the next updates
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Thanks to your guide, I got my Vega working properly on High Sierra! I think I should now try it on Mojave too :D
In Mojave, I was always stressed by the lags on the desktop while I hold and drag my mouse or click the download folder, but now I see a hope those lags are gone XD
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Thank you very much for trying Unigine Heaven and providing a screenshot.

I don't play a lot of games but would really much like for World of Warcraft to run smoothly.

I will wait a bit and cross my fingers for an update but if we don't get any news soon I'll probably switch from AMD to Intel and hope it goes as well as advertised :)

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