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***UPDATE: THIS IS FIXED | Apparently, you need to have even CPU Multiplier to have an even total CPU Frequency; so 39x100= 3.9ghz, issue with sync issue with apps using native macos codecs, but apps that doesn't use native codecs such as chrome, MPV, they don't lag or get out of sync; when I set my CPU multiplier to an even number 36, 38, 40 x 100 = 3.6ghz, 3.8ghz, 4.0ghz - the issue goes away***

Hey Guys,

I just converted my rig to macos mojave 10.14.4 a few days ago and I'm extatic, I can't thank this forum enough. I thought it was going to be hella complicated to set it up but this forum made everything a lot easier.

Everything works perfectly except I notice that video playback is a bit choppy or not as smooth, there's nanosecond stutter especially on fast scenes or when the cam is moving, and no it's not the 24fps vs 60hz issue (if you get my drift).

My rig is:

Ryzen 1700x @ 3.9ghz
MSI X470 gaming pro
Gigabyte RX 580 8GB
32GB DDR4 @ 2933mhz
500GB NVME boot drive
1TB (500GB x 2) RAID 0 SSD data drive
Dell p2715q 4k Monitor

if anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue or a workaround would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you installed kexts for your graphics card, try with lilu and whatever green kexts
ToFailToWin wrote:Have you installed kexts for your graphics card, try with lilu and whatever green kexts
Hey, I noticed that running 4K (1080p retina), everything plays smoothly but 5K (1440p retina) it gets juddery;

But after driver updates from clover (not specifically sure which one is responsible) but everything works great now with 5K (1440p resolution) on playback @ 60fps
few people (including myself) seem to have this issues with ryzen 7200x viewtopic.php?p=48312#p48312

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