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Need a little help with installing macOS Sierra 10.12.6 App Store version on my AMD PC.

Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
AMD FX-8350 Processor
2x MSI Radeon R9 280X GPU
Realtek ALC892 @ ATI SB900 - High Definition Audio Controller
16GB of RAM

I use Sierra v5.0 installer image from AMD OS X forum, made a bootable USB stick with TransMac.
Have tried different opportunities to install OS but only way is installing OS from USB in Legacy mode only. If I try to boot in UEFI, it hangs and won't go futher.
So I have installed Sierra from my USB memory in Legacy. Installing was successful, made a restart. Booted up from USB again and installed POSTInstall. After that I can't boot from my macOS HDD. Trying to boot, but everytime it will crash and PC restarts continously.

Please help.


There are other options for legacy boot, you need to start asking for help sooner.

Download v5.2 with enoch bootloader:
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During PostInstall it will copy an Enoch Files folder with a preconfigured Extra Folder and an Enoch Installer. After you install Enoch copy the preconfigured Extra folder to the ESP or where ever you installed enoch too.
Got it work. Thanks a lot. Now have to install right network and audio drivers. Used Multibeast, but if I install Realtek ALC892 drivers, my audio doesn't work. Same with network.
Don't use multibeast, put your hardware in your signature and I'll look up drivers for you.

For audio use: VoodooHDA and install with Kext Utility.

Put your system specs in your signature and I'll get you a network kext.
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Here's your network kext, install it with kext utility:
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I got your kexts one message above, install them with kext utility by dropping the unzipped kext onto the kext utility window
I have the same build, for the mob and cpu, I have issues with usb 3.0 ejecting when over used such as read and write speeds being high or stressed out. Still searching for a solution

OS Sierra\
sabertooth 990fx r.2
FX 8350
stucks at Apple logo

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