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by: Shaneee
I'm happy to announce that AMD OS X will stop supporting distros of all kinds starting on March 15th (this includes HighSierraAMD and AMDHS_Installer). After that, a vanilla installation will be the only supported installation method. You can find all necessary resources for making such an install at https://kb.amd-osx.com/. Until that day, we have a grace period where distros are still supported but new users will be taught to make vanilla installs instead.

Here's why we're doing that:
Distros don't teach you anything. While they are certainly easier to use, it makes people not actually deal with macOS, they don't learn anything, and that's not what hackintoshing is about. Hackintoshing is about learning how macOS works, the importance of a bootloader and its settings and how to apply fixes specific for your hardware. It's not about having a cheap Mac. Therefore, we are transitioning away from distros.
Have a nice day!
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by: gaza1994
This is a good idea!

Whats the discord? i've ran into a few issues and nothing has been answered on here :/ aha
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by: gingerblah
I like this idea too. I would love to learn the why and the how. Thank you!
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