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by: techguy948
Hi AMD-OSX forums!
I recently used the download from this site to create an OSX boot on my PC, and it worked! However, I cannot get my GPU to be recognized properly. I attached a screenshot of the About This Mac section, as well as my Clover folder from my EFI partition. If anyone could figure out what's going on, that would be sweet! It might have to be with the info in SMBIOS but I don't know anything about this so I don't want to touch it!

Here are my specs:
AMD FX-8320
MSI 970A-G43
Club R9 270
High Sierra 10.13.3
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by: fabiouh
Open Clover Configurator, go to Graphics, add:
Framebuffer Futomakis,
VRAM 2048 or 4096 (depends on how much VRAM you have)
Video Ports 4 or 5 (depends on how much ports you have (count on your graphics card))
ig-platform-id 0x68101002



Hope i can help :)

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