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by: mauimade71
Ok I just about got everything working. Boots up real quick. Followed the instructions exactly how it was posted. Now I was wondering why is it moving like a 600 meg laptop. And the internet browsing is like when you are on dial up I tried different browsers and it still moving slow. At first I thought it was my Wi-Fi but its not. Any suggestions or solutions would be helpful. BTW I was a AMD Toshiba laptop. With a 1 gig processor 8 gigs of ram. WD hard drive. I tried down grading to Mountain Lion and Lion. Both didn't work :crazy:


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by: Shaneee
It'll be the GPU. Integrated AMD GPUs aren't really support on macOS and no 3rd party driver has been created.
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by: Norton287
You try which ever you want, my GPU isn't supported and I run them all with a little lag in the interface. You can download Deeper from Titanium Software and turn off some of the Interface effects. It mostly worse when in a browser or launcher.
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